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What is a Corporate Chaplain?

A Corporate Chaplain is someone hired by a business or organization to provide spiritual support and guidance to its associates in their work, personal, and family lives.

What services does the Chaplain provide?

The Chaplain:

  • Is a non-judging, safe person to talk to and confide in.
  • Explores with you ways to connect your work and home/family life.
  • Provides general faith counseling to help you deal with common life issues.
  • Will assist you in search for meaning and in dealing with suffering and misfortune.
  • Can give you strategies for handling anger, forgiveness and other difficult emotions.
  • Offers you general support and referral to professional resources in dealing with substance/alcohol
  • abuse, marriage and family issues, depression, and other psychological conditions. (The Chaplain is not a licensed professional counselor but has been trained in pastoral care and counseling.)
  • Presides at marriages, religious or secular.
  • Accompanies families through end-of-life issues including performing funerals and grief counseling.
  • Guides you to educational resources to help you to continue to grow personally and professionally along life’s journey.
  • Encourages you to identify and pursue your dreams.

Do I have to be a Christian or religious to talk to the Chaplain!

Absolutely not. The Chaplain will work with you no matter what your religious tradition or if you have no religious tradition at all. It is not the Chaplain’s purpose to convert you, but to help you in areas of spiritual life faced by everyone. On the other hand, the Chaplain comes from a religious background and can support you in your religious tradition.

Will what I say get back to my employer?

No. The chaplain is bound by absolute confidentiality and is here to serve you, not your employer. Meetings with the Chaplain will be held in locations away from the workplace.

Why do I need a Chaplain?

Maybe you don’t. But if you are like most people, life will throw you some curves and you might find it helpful to have another person who is there for you no matter what.

Is there a charge for any Chaplain services?

All services are provided free of charge.

How do I contact Pastor Jim?

Phone or text: (608) 774-8616